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Feedback From Projects (redirected from Feedback from projects)

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F E E D B A C K   O N   U S E  O F   O L M s

from various projects



. PROJECT: WISE-UP to Climate (launched by the IUCN Global Water Program)


The following feedback was taken from: "Outcome Logic Models for defining change options in the WISE-UP Project" (2011):


Regarding the use of OLMs ('nice, participatory and collaborative'), the benefits perceived were that it contributes to integrate many different issues in the beginning, perhaps helping to reduce the challenges that may be experienced in the future, and to a much clearer understanding of what the project is trying to achieve and how the various work elements link together. Using OLMs was seen as a 'useful exercise for proposal preparation forced to think about the end and beginning, which present challenges you want to address (what to do, what to compromise on)', and 'really, really useful to understand the proposal and the challenges of the science parts (lots of complexity)'. It was helpful to do the different sections (Stakeholders, OLM, Research Questions), and to use the changes in the OLM in identifying research activities and focusing research. There was 'flexibility in running the whole thing – not rigid in doing OLM complete, not focus on filling all out´, and ´basing it around the OLM concept but without enforcing too rigorous an evaluation process (e.g. insisting on impact indicators etc.)', and yet good results were achieved. this particular comment is in resonance with comments that we hear many times as implementers of the OLM methodology - that one size does NOT fit all, and that flexibility in following the process where it is going is key. Most respondents said they would be able to use what they learned during the workshop in their work, for further developing this or other proposals. 


In general, the organizers of the workshop and proposal writers found the OLM methodology to be useful, and will recommend it to other consortiums writing similar projects.  An improvement for a next use of OLMs for project proposal writing would be to limit the time of discussions and increase the dedication in the last to actual writing. In subsequent exercises, a more thorough familiarization of participants with the theory behind the OLM and project updated materials may also be of use.


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